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Our Services

SMRTASH specializes in home and small business IT needs.

Mobile Devices

Need help with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device? SMRTASH can help!


Looking for a new computer to meet your needs? Need help with a wireless network? Have a question or problem with Mac OS X or Windows? No problem. SMRTASH also provides training and will help you understand the technology.


SMRTASH hosts many websites and can provide expertise with cPanel, PHP, MySQL, web applications, domain name registration and other web technologies.

Onsite Support

Why bring your computer to a store? SMRTASH offers help in the comfort of your own home or office. Clients are supported with phone and email support.


Computer running slow? Not starting up? Got a virus? SMRTASH can get you back up and running again.


In addition to computers, SMRTASH is knowledgeable with audiovisual electronics like TVs, consoles, entertainment and surround sound systems.

About Us

The most important thing to us is helping people.

SMRTASH Computing Solutions is an independent business based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada owned and operated by Ashton Wong. Offering over 15 years of experience in the industry and a variety of services related to computers and electronics, SMRTASH specializes in services for homes and small businesses.

There is no charge if a solution cannot be found for you! SMRTASH will always give the best possible effort but will also be happy to refer you to someone with more expertise.

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Friendly, professional customer service.

SMRTASH is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Send an inquiry today if you need any help with your computers, mobile devices or electronics, and you will receive a reply as soon as possible.